Block722, based in Athens, was founded in 2009 by architect Sotiris Tsirkas and Interior Designer Katia Margaritoglou. With a focus on Greek and Scandinavian heritage, as well as interdisciplinary experience, the studio creates timeless works with its unique aesthetic signature.
The studio undertakes a variety of projects at all stages of architectural study, from concept design to construction and delivery. It emphasizes high-quality materials with an approach based on craftsmanship, collaborating with local artisans and artists who interpret the Mediterranean spirit and traditions of the 21st century. At the same time, the design solutions by Block722 are strongly guided by the needs of each project and the individual client.
As a result, the studio has received many significant awards and has been widely featured in Greek and international media.

“We create works that are close to the human, with respect for its history and coexistence with nature.”

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