The architectural event that became a must


Open House is one of the most important global institutions for the promotion of architecture. The idea began at London in 1992 and until today it has spread to many cities around the globe. The Open House project invites the public to explore and understand the value of architecture.

Every year for one weekend, private and public buildings open their gates to everyone for free and the city is transformed to a big museum, with its buildings and architecture being the exhibits.


Open House has already taken place six times in Athens (5-6 April 2014, 16-17 May 2015, 16-17 April 2016, 1-2 April 2017, 1-2 April 2018, 6-7 of April 2019) with an enthusiastic response from the public. In 2019, 550 volunteers took part in the project and guided the tours in 119 spaces, with a total of 37.000 visits.

Due to the health crisis, the 7th OPEN HOUSE Athens event will be held online, through a series of virtual tours, that will premiere on September 19, lectures and contests.


Open House Greece is an Urban Non-Profit Company with the aim of promoting architecture and culture in Greece and abroad, through the annual Open House events in Athens and Thessaloniki. It was founded in 2012 and belongs to the wider family of Open House Worldwide, that takes care of the global promotion of every Open House Event.


Tatiana Anagnostara marketing manager
Katerina Doudoumi creative manager
Renata Douma communication manager
Evgenia Tsangaraki programme coordinator
Lili Louizi department of volunteers
Matthaios Damigos volunteers coordinator
Vassilis Kalampogias Open Office coordinator
Eirini Papalou 
Elpida Spyrou video-photography coordinator
Amalia Skamagkouli Open Bike coordinator
Foivos Geralis contests coordinator
Eleftheria Konstantinidou research team coordinator
Maria Konomi Made in Athens coordinator
Amalia Sotiropoulou department of volunteers
Giorgos Psarris educational programme coordinator

Legal advisor: Pantelis Rokkos

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